Hello 👋

My name is Clément Biron, I’m a web designer.

It’s not a trndy term, but never mind, it’s the one that I think best describes me professionally, without lying.

I’m lucky enough to be part of the core team of Open Terms Archive and to work with my two fantastic colleagues Matti Schneider and Nicolas Dupont to build this becoming digital common. I’m also proud to have worked with the OpenFisca team on the redesign of their identity and website.

If you have similar needs and are looking for someone who understands the challenges of the digital commons, I might be the right person for you. Let’s discuss?

So, in no particular order, I like surfing but not in big waves because it’s scary, climbing without a rope on boulders that aren’t too high, I’m not completely crazy, travelling but as the planet is burning it’s less practical to go to the other side of the world, partying and dancing to wild rhythms all night long and sometimes I get a headache the next day, it’s not as much fun, clowning because it’s good to have a laugh and die laughing and there’s no but it’s so good, if there was only one left it would be this one. And then I’ve got 2 children whom I love terribly even if they’re a pain because they shout so loudly, a house that’s being rebuilt and I don’t like finishes so it takes a long time, a cat that left me because it doesn’t like the snow, so I don’t want a cat any more and I’d like a dog, but actually I don’t because it stinks in the car, which costs too much and pollutes, but I do a lot of cycling and hitchhiking but that doesn’t seem to change anything, it’s always hotter even in the mountains where I live, we’re not in the *****.